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Roy Gardner 

Roy Gardner Jr is the CEO of Versatile Books and Entertainment as an Author/Mentor/Play Writer/Song Writer.

Roy was born in Jackson TN but grew up in Denmark TN and now resides in Kentucky. Growing up, Roy loved to play basketball and football, two of his favorite sports. Throughout his childhood, on to early adulthood, he lost alot of family members, which made him harbor resentment that eventually ushered in anger and depression.

Behind those tragedies and loveless emotions, Roy acted out in school and became a troubled child, getting involved in the street life, labeling himself as a bad boy and causing him to lose alot of valuable time that he will never get back.

In the midst of battling his demons, Roy knew that he had to make a choice about the direction of his life or he could die living a life that had no real purpose. 

Roy eventually started spending alot of quiet time reading and meditating and it was then that he started to write songs, as it was very personal to him. 

He felt that in writing songs, this was a way for him to pray, worship and to release some of the emotions he was dealing with.

Roy met a young man in the crossroad of his life and together they discovered and shared they're hidden talents with one another. The young man had a passion for writing urban novels. Roy praised the young man for his work and later expressed his interest in writing books as well. It was then that the young man expressed to Roy, "If you can write songs, you can write a book."  He challenged Roy to write a novel, which turned out to be his first published novel, "Deeply Involved." A deeper love grew within Roy for writing in all forms. He felt that each platform would allow him to inspire and motivate people around the world.

Today, Roy continues to work hard at bringing this desire into fruition and hopes that he can change the life of at least one.......


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